Give us an idea of where the gearbox/actuator needs to fit!


Let's say you are designing a robot and you know you need something to rotate at some speed and the thing that creates the rotation needs to fit in a certain space.  Perfect!  Tell us what speed/torque you need and give us an idea of the volume and we will come up with a preliminary actuation solution.  We say preliminary because we understand designs often change throughout the development cycle.  No problem, we will always work with you to update the design to fit your application.  

Simply create a 3D solid model of the space allocated to an actuation device or a 2D sketch with rough dimensions and upload the file/s in an email and send it to us.  We will work out a preliminary solution within 7 business days and return, via email, a .stp file of the gearbox/actuator along with some performance parameters.  


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