What we do

We develop affordable Multi-Stage Geared Rotary Actuators that are specifically designed for large output moment loads and constrained packaging volumes

       • Current rotary motion control options for the everyday roboticist are 3D

            printing, trying to make space for a large gearhead/motor combo, voltage 

            controlling a stepper motor, or spending thousands of dollars for a large

            motion control company to develop a custom solution for your application.   

       • 3D printing with plastics is great for many applications but is limiting for high 

          efficiency high load transfer cases. 

       • Contacting a large motion control company for development of a customized

          actuator is a viable option, but unless you are buying in quantity the price per  

          unit will be in the thousands of dollar range.  This option also carries with it a

          lead time in the 4-8 month range.  

       • You can find relatively inexpensive gearhead/motor combos but they are

          typically very large and have poor output moment load carrying capability. 


Our actuators are built specifically for your application one at a time by our small staff of experienced former aerospace motion control engineers. We do all design and production in house and actuators are the only thing we do. We can take the time required to build you a fully customized geared rotary actuator for your application, and do so at a much more affordable price point. 


Our Focus 

Our focus is to provide high quality, thoroughly analyzed, affordable, multi-stage geared rotary actuators at a low cost and delivered in the shortest amount of time possible

  • Lead Times between 2-8 Weeks 

    • The only things we do not make in house are bearings and motors

    • This allows us to keep our lead times very low

    • We only make geared rotary actuators so our time is not divided amongst multiple projects and/or programs

  • Cost between $250-$1800 

    • Highly dependent on the following: 

      • Output moment load capability 

      • Material requirements

        • example: Titanium gearhousing instead of Aluminum due to specific strength requirements

      • Motor selection 

      • Positional accuracy 



How to work with us 

There are three ways to work with RAS on developing your actuator

  • “Configure an Actuator” – Here you can fill in all known parameters to generate a part number.  RAS will design an actuator specific to your part number and a .stp file will be email within seven days.  

    • "Configure a Gearbox Only"

      • The first section in the "Configure an Actuator" page area  number of drop downs and text boxes to help configure a part number for a gearbox only

      • This section would be used if you already have a motor and just need a capable gearbox to go with it 

    • "Configure a Gearbox Only"

      • The second section is a mostly a repeat of the gearbox only part number configurator but here you are configuring a full actuator, motor and all. 

      • This section would be used if you need a full rotary actuation solution

      • Fill in as much information as you know and we can help you do things like select a motor, establish a gear ratio, pick encoders etc.  

    • Example Actuator Development Process 

      • The third section is dedicated to an example of how RAS would process your actuator 

      • Please refer to this section as a guide for how to fill out a request for quote and for how the development process would work

  • “Submit a STEP” – Here you can submit a Mechanical Stay-in Volume .stp file along with all known/desired performance parameters.  RAS will design an actuator that complies with the volume constraint and requested performance.  A .stp of the actuator will be emailed within seven days. 

  • “Send us an Email” – Simply email us with whatever you need.  Include as much information as possible and we will work with you to develop exactly what you need for your application and send a .stp within seven days.




Tel: 520-789-7524

Email: info@rotaryactuationsystems.com

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